A message from our Founder about COVID-19 and the awards

“We have watched the Scottish business community rise to the unparalleled challenges faced in light of COVID-19 with huge admiration. In the true spirit of acknowledging the efforts, innovation and sheer determination shown by so many SMEs in Scotland, we wanted to create specific COVID-19 Awards to applaud and celebrate the successes of those businesses which have turned the most difficult of times into opportunities. Their efforts deserve to be recognised, and will not only help to bolster the Scottish economy going forward, but will also provide inspiration to both current and future generations throughout the country. This is a great opportunity for the Scottish SME community to come together at an uplifting online event, regardless of geographical location.” Belinda Roberts MBE


Our focus is concentrated on peer-to-peer learning & working with our membership community to support their businesses. We place high importance on promoting business growth and strengthening competitive advantage.


We share our collective knowledge, ideas and experiences, as well as what we have learnt from the challenges we have faced. We are proud to have built a unique community of excellence, embedded with integrity and trust.


We support our members through facilitating introductions, giving guidance and collaborating with one another. Our relevant, value-added events are focused on raising business performance. They are high impact, inspirational, participative and results-driven.


Dr Brian Williamson

Dr Brian Williamson

4icg, Miigen, Thinkwhere, Kissing WIth Confidence & Tiger Industries - WeDO Scotland 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

"Networking is a fundamental cornerstone of business and in today’s busy world, so many events and organisations are competing for our attention and our time. The difference with WeDO Scotland is that they display all the characteristics of a close knit family, however they have the strength and depth of a large organisation. They are without doubt a rich source of learning and connections."

Professor John Anderson

Professor John Anderson

Head of sme engagement - strathclyde university business school, the beal group, blue parrot events group, homes for good (scotland) cic, imultiply, cargoseat & estendio

"Having worked with and supported Belinda from the start of WeDO, I was delighted when WeDO launched in Glasgow in 2018. With their collaborative approach to helping entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, I’m confident it will have a very positive impact on the West coast business community. Entrepreneurship and growth are central to Scotland’s economic policy agenda and organisations such as WeDO play an important role in ensuring that business leaders are supported throughout their journeys."

Brian Hay Smith

Brian Hay Smith


WeDO Scotland is a fantastically well-organised business community that promotes collaboration between the member‎s, sharing of experiences, and informal as well as formal mentoring of businesses and individuals. This is all done with a can-do mentality, and a culture of sharing and celebrating success and achievements. Almost more importantly, the events are run for the benefit of the members, and, succeed in combining shared learning and experiences, whilst also incorporating having fun at the same time."

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