Jim Rae returns from Thailand having captained Scotland & very moved by the charity work they did in Pattaya

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Our Chairman, Jim Rae of Elevate Group has been in Pattaya in Thailand playing for Scotland in the Seniors World Cup Football and returned home on Sunday after a highly memorable trip.

In their last couple of games, Scotland lost to Iran 5-1, a very strong team who ultimately went on to win the Cup. ?Jim also had the tremendous honour of captaining Scotland in their 3-1 victory over the UAE. ?Their final game was against England in the final of the World Shield when they drew 3-3 although unfortunately Jim was unable to play due to a torn hamstring. ?Knowing Jim as we do, we know that he will have been a huge motivation to the Scotland team from the sidelines however!

Speaking about the trip as a whole, Jim comments:

“Well, it was ten days of extreme heat, humidity, 6 games of football, sights I didn?t think I would ever see and a huge amount of money raised for displaced children from the Tsunami in Thailand a few years ago. The organization of managing 250 (ex) footballers, 80 back-room staff, hotels, meals, training facilities and much more was a huge task but one the orginisers did with enthusiasm, professionalism and a constant smile.

I will never forget the faces of the kids we coached on Saturday 9th June. They cried and hugged us, as did we when we gave them football strips, books and other things we take for granted but they clearly love football and played with laughter and a dedication we don?t see often in the UK.

Although the football was secondary to the charitable work we were doing, it was still one of my proudest moments to pull on that Scotland jersey and belt out our national anthem. To score a goal for Scotland and captain my country against the UAE was just beyond my wildest dreams.

Whilst the world cup is going to take place in Bangkok for the next 5 years, it might be two or three years before I get to go back due to family and work but when the opportunity comes up again, try and hold me back!”

“Thank you to WeDO for relaying on my adventure and to everyone who followed us on Facebook and Twitter. Although you weren’t all there, we could all feel the support of everyone back home. We only got beaten by Iran, who won the competition so we can all be proud of the achievements of a bunch of old crocks half a world away, who many years ago thought they could play the beautiful game of football!”

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