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Conference Workshops

WeDO Conference Workshops are a highly popular and beneficial element of the day and are this year focused on business growth. Workshops are led by topic experts, those who have a proven track record and have real experiences and examples to share which enhance your learning experiences. This allows for opening up the floor for discussions with your peers and hearing others ideas and experiences, all of which takes place in a setting that encourages conversation.  Knowledge, as they say, is power.  Nowhere is this more relevant than in entrepreneurship and business leadership.   Entrepreneurs and business leaders with few ideas will struggle to scale their businesses.  Hearing expert insights and the experiences of your peers offer fresh perspectives which will add true value to your business. 


  • Our workshops are designed to educate attendees with both specific technical skills and to build a broader framework to help overcome current or future challenges.
  • They create a learning environment in which delegates are encouraged to exchange experiences, ideas and practices, allowing interaction with peers and ample learnings.
  • Inter-delegate interaction from differing experiences generates dialogue and facilitates an ecosystem where issues are tackled together.
  • Standing still can kill your business.  Allocating time out of your busy schedule will enable you to sharpen up on a variety of different tools & topics. 
  • Your perspectives are broadened through insight and experience-sharing.
  • Listening to other people’s ideas and tips is inspiring and will help you to come up with new ideas that you never considered before.
  • Encourage you to open your mind to the next big idea that you can incorporate into your business. 
  • Workshops enable you to benchmark your business with your peers and to identify improvements that will impact your success and growth.  


Workshop sessions will take place in the morning, directly after the first speaker with the second sessions taking place in the afternoon.  Once you have booked your Conference ticket , you will be sent a link to select your workshops of choice for the morning and afternoon sessions in order of preference.  

You will choose one workshop in the morning and a second in the afternoon from the topics below.  The workshops are designed to be interactive and you will have plenty of time to ask questions.


MORNING WORKSHOPS:  9:50am – 10:50am

  1. Sourcing & Building A Winning Team to Maximise Growth.
  2. Video Marketing – Catapult Your Business into the 21st Century.
  3. Scottish Enterprise – How We Can Support Your Business & Work With You.
  4. Making Tax Digital & Modernising Your Business.

AFTERNOON WORKSHOPS:  2:20pm – 3:20pm

  1. The Legal Eagles – Essential Employment Law Updates & Ask The Expert.
  2. Cyber Security 101.  Not Always The Bad Guys from the Outside.
  3. Developing A Measurable Marketing Strategy to Drive Business Growth.
  4. Scottish Enterprise – How We Can Support Your Business & Work With You.
  5. How to Have A Good Day Every Day

Click on each topic  above to find out more about what will be covered & who the hosts are.

“The workshops were outstanding and so beneficial to both me and my business.”

“I learnt more in an hour than I could have in a day.  So much valuable information delivered in highly engaging environment.”

“Hugely helpful workshops and a great way for everyone to share their experiences.”

“Wow!  What a fantastic format, took peer-to-peer learning to whole new levels.”