Mobilise Your Team Around Your 2017 Business Outcomes Workshop


Winner of WeDO Scotland’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award in November 2016


  • What does success look like for your business over the next 12 months?
  • What business outcomes do you most want to achieve?
  • How do you galvanise your team to deliver your goals?

This will be a hands-on, working session where participants will build their own solutions to their business challenges, using the evidence-based Listening into Action (LiA)® ‘7 Steps in 20 weeks’ process to engage and galvanise all the right people around your mission. You will benefit from an approach that has been adopted in dozens of organisations, by thousands of teams, comprising thousands of frontline employees, for the benefit of millions of customers in the past 5 years.

So that you can hit the ground running, think in advance about ‘What is my mission?’ and word it to be short, outcome-focused and compelling to your team/stakeholders.  Also, consider how you will know if you are successful in achieving your mission – what baseline measures or indicators will enable you to show a ‘before and after’ in 6 months’ time and beyond?

Be ready to work hard for an hour, with Gordon guiding you through the process and sharing hints, tips and insights that will enable you to deliver challenging targets.

By the time you leave, you will know what to do next.  Then, keep in touch so we can hear about the impact Listening into Action (LiA)® has for you.  

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Gordon Forbes along with his wife & Co-Founder, Hannah, won our Entrepreneur of the Year Award in November 2016 .  They founded Optimise in 2002 and since then it has grown to become the leading approach to change for CEOs in the UK healthcare market, working with over 180 NHS Trusts & national bodies.  Focused on helping clients challenge – and change – their existing leadership models and culture to deliver business results for their staff, customers and their businesses. Previously, Gordon worked in business consulting for 20 years at Accenture, Digital and EY across most industry sectors and multiple service lines around the complex change arena.