Announcing our 2016 Awards Member Semi-Finalists

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It’s been a hectic few days here at WeDO for our Judging Panel who have been deliberating over the Awards entry forms received from our members.  The competition has been stiffer than ever this year and has caused a few debates (in the positive sense of the word!) between the Judges.  Our Judging Panel is, as always, chosen from our Executive Team and is this year chaired by Rod McMillan who is joined by fellow Ambassadors Martin Mutch, Gaynor Turner and winner of our 2014 Most Innovative Business Award winner & Ambassador, Mike Christopherson.

Commenting on the Award entrants, the judges said:

“This year, for the first time ever, the Awards have been open to non-members as well as members and  we have been very impressed with the calibre of applicants this year,  It is always high, but this year has stepped up another gear.  The passion of the entrants shines through on their entry forms and it has been a pleasure to find our more about their businesses.  Our congratulations to the members who have been shortlisted to the semi-finals and to those who weren’t, don’t be too disappointed, you can always re-apply next year.  We look forward to stage 2 when yet another challenge ensues, shortlisting down to 2 finalists for each Award.”

The semi-finalists are, in alpabetical order:

Neil Clark of Integrated Human Factors 

Gordon Forbes of Optimise

Jonathan Gilbert of the Edinburgh Watch Company

Dag Lee of Nile, Fitness World, Denmark, InTouch Follow-Up Vancouver,  GVA CRE, Norway & DBI Network, North America, Asia & Europe

Hatti Pattisson of Hatti Pattisson

Sara Roberts of Healthy Nibbles

Stephanie Robinson of Solve HR

Sam Trett of LoCa Beverages

The semi-finalists now have their Stage 2 forms to complete, as well as submitting a 3 minute video explaining more about their businesses – that’ll be a whole lot of fun!  On behalf of all of us at WeDO, we wish you all the very best of luck and our congratulations on having made it through to the semi-finals.