Charlie Miller commemorate fifty years together

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Here at WeDO Scotland, we love nothing better than sharing success stories, and our members, Charlie Miller, one of Edinburgh’s leading hairdressing salon groups, are just that.  The company is celebrating a phenomenal 50 years in business and it’s still a family business which makes it even more remarkable.  To mark this special occasion, a 72-page magazine has been launched that commemorates a journey of exciting changes. From real-life styles to showcasing runway glamour the company has continually aspired to contribute to the support and culture of the city and, with a contemporary vision that began in a gent’s hairdressing salon in Edinburgh in 1965, it set in motion a highly successful business of education, innovation and creativity.

Charlie Miller with Magazine

Half a century since the first salon opened, self-awareness and continuous analysis has helped the brand stay true to its values, reflect on its strengths, improve performance and provide a strong foundation for moving forward. Today, there is a successful business built on strong personal relationships, new salons, global recognition and prestigious awards.  Charlie Miller was a keynote speaker at our Conference last year where he shared his journey from the early days to now, as well as some of his philosophies for life which many of our members are still talking about still, one year on.

Jason and Joshua Miller who are also Joint Managing Directors, said “this wonderful company was started 50 years ago by our parents, Charlie & Janet and everyone at Charlie Miller is extremely proud to have reached this golden milestone. The passion, drive and values with which they evolved the business continue as strong as ever and we continue to grow creatively and consistently. The most significant focus over the last 50 years has been about answering the needs of every client with genuineness, empathy and warmth and to motivate and encourage staff to evolve with a caring and inspirational heart. Our 50-year magazine is a thank you to the many clients who have come over the years and the friendships we have enjoyed and a tribute to our Charlie Miller Family past and present.”

As is the Father, So is the son

From L to R: Joshua, Charlie & Jason Miller

All of us at WeDO send our congratulations to Charlie, Janet, Jason and Joshua and all of the Charlie Miller teams on your amazing achievements, it’s a pleasure to have Joshua as part of our membership community.

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