60 Minute Makeover: How To Transform LinkedIn Into Your Best Marketing Tool in One Hour Workshop


Winner of WeDO Scotland’s High Growth Company of the Year 2013

For the vast majority of users, LinkedIn is the online equivalent of a rolodex or a place to park their resumé.  Most users don’t know or fully appreciate LinkedIn’s functionality, and, as a result, they are missing daily opportunities to utilise its potential to be the best marketing and lead generation tool they are ever likely to encounter. 

Gordon will use the workshop session to demonstrate how he uses LinkedIn to connect with relevant people who want to do business with him, and he will cite real examples of how he generates business on almost a daily basis just by using the basic functionality as a powerful and effective social selling tool.

Within an hour, Gordon guarantees he will show you things you don’t know about LinkedIn, and that you will leave with enough knowledge to attract a regular flow of potential new clients in a very short space of time!  A bold claim indeed, but one that he is confident LinkedIn can deliver when it is used to its full potential.  

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Gordon White is Managing Director of fatBuzz, the marketing agency he founded 31 years ago.  He is also the host of the highly successful New Media Breakfasts in Glasgow and Edinburgh which are now well into their eighth year. In 2013, Gordon won WeDO Scotland’s High Growth Company of the Year Award. This year, he and fellow WeDO member, winner of WeDO’s 2015 New Start Business of the Year, Iain Swanston, MD at Klozers, along with Claire Kinloch, MD at Genoa Black founded the Sales & Marketing Academy.  They are committed to encouraging graduates into sales and marketing careers by providing a free 12-month training programme for 100 graduates each year.