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What was your first job after leaving school/further education?

My first job was working for a small helicopter firm near perth, as a receptionist, cleaner, helper and pilot!

When did you start your business & what prompted you to do it??

I started my first business in 2010 helping young artists promote their work, which lead us into designing and selling greetings cards, sadly it did not work out as planned, Mainly due to my relentless passion for cars. This failure was hard to swallow but led me to realise that if I’m going to work that hard, I might as well focus on what I love, cars, and thus wild horses was born, building bespoke classic mustangs!

What prompted me to initially leave flying was my ever wondering mind asking, what if and my extremely supportive family backing my decisions !?

What did you find most challenging at the beginning??

Focus and patience! There are literally a thousand distractions every day when starting, and trying to keep a goal in mind is easier said than done. I have always had a problem focusing on one thing at a time.

And it’s worth noting that trying to get people to trust your new business was not always easy.

Who did you ask for advice & why did you choose them??

Friends and family! I have never had a problem asking people for advise! Close friends who run businesses have been incredibly helpful. My dad has run businesses previously and he is always happy to lend advice. I chose them simply because they have been there and done it.?

How did you fund your business?

Mainly from finding two customers before i set up, they agreed to pay upfront if I gave them a great deal! Possibly not an ideal situation, but it put the pressure on for me to deliver! I believe that if you can sell a product first, then the rest of the business will follow, I hope!

What would you do differently now looking back?

Absolutely nothing, I’m not saying I have done it the most efficient or technically correct way but I have learned so much by just trying. No matter how many successful business people have explained, taught, shown and helped me, I have found that you need to find your own way forward as every business is unique with its own set of problems.

What or who has helped you to grow your business the most??

My customers, without a shadow of a doubt. Without them I would not have started and I certainly would not being growing or progressing forward as I am. Friends have been amazing at spreading the word as well as WeDO, and I’m not just saying that, as one customer is with WeDO and we are in discussions with another member!

What have been the biggest challenges you’ve faced?

Knowing how to expand safely! Taking on my first full time employee was a really big deal, as I know that currently we are busy, but I can’t predict the future, I have really had to believe in my ability to find more customers.

Also finding an ideal location, with a limited budget and a small cash reserve, finding a suitable place to work was really challenging.?

What are the future plans for your business??

I’m really really excited about Wildhorse’s future! We want it to be the leading tuning and restoration shop in Scotland, and I believe, absolutely, that we can do it! My next goal is to grow our turnover so we can relocate to a more suitable workshop and take on another full time mechanic / engineer allowing me to bring to fruition some more of my car dreams!!

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to set up their own business?

From my experience of starting a business that did not work and now starting one that has huge potential, my advise has to be, ask yourself, are you truly passionate about your idea? As in my. Case the passion gets me up, keeps me up and when times are tough, which is a lot more than you might imagine, keeps me going!?

Tell us something about you that isn’t commonly known.?

I like one direction…… Shhh.?

And finally, why did you join WeDO?

A friend recommended me to WeDO, more importantly, why I’m continuing to stay as a member is because it is an incredible networking group with an amazing variety of talented like-minded members who I’m learning an amazing amount from, oh and Belinda is the most amazing networker I have ever met! Thanks WeDO!

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