We are not a traditional networking group. We don’t attend meetings with the intention of gathering as many business cards as possible, nor selling to one another.  

WeDO members meet regularly, share knowledge and ideas without fear of losing business or innovation to those we’re sharing with. By meeting and understanding each other’s businesses, we can easily and effectively connect the people who will work well together.

If this sounds appealing to you, then we’d love to hear from you.  Membership is primarily by invitation or referral and is subject to approval by our Executive Teams.  If you haven’t been invited or referred to join, please complete our Membership Application form by clicking HERE and we’ll be in touch.

Membership Costs

VENTURE:  Turnover of less than £250,000

£380 + VAT per annum

** Optional monthly Direct Debit payment of £35 + VAT 

HIGH GROWTH:  Turnover of £250,000 – £1 million

£580 + VAT per annum

** Optional monthly Direct Debit payment of £54 + VAT 

FOUNDATION – £780 + VAT per annum

Turnover in excess of £1 million

CORPORATE – £1,780 + VAT per annum

3 floating memberships for stakeholders/Directors/Partners in companies with turnover in excess of £1 million.

**  Monthly Direct Debit payments based on minimum 12 month subscription.

Membership discounts are available where more than one individual from the same company wishes to join – applicable to companies with turnover of less than £1 million.  

To find out more about Corporate Membership, click HERE.