WeDO Chairman Gordon White was appointed in May 2020, having been a loyal and proactive supporter of WeDO since we launched in 2008.  In 2014, fatBuzz won our High Growth Company Award in 2013 before Gordon joined our Executive Team, latterly as Chair of our Glasgow team.

“Too many people join membership organisations based on the opportunity to pitch their products and services to fellow members. Not enough people take the sensible approach of looking at what their participation can bring to the group as a whole.

For me, membership of a business networking group is about knowledge sharing and peer-to-peer learning. It’s about what I can learn from fellow members that will benefit me and my business; and, what knowledge, expertise and experiences I can share that will be beneficial to others.

Inevitably, this encourages genuine connections and good quality engagement which can, on occasion, lead to a sale. However, the primary objective is always about learning from other business owners and operators.

Never before has this been more relevant than now. Nobody I know has experienced what we are currently going through; nobody has all of the answers, and nobody can accurately predict what’s next with any degree of confidence. What we can do is share our thoughts, experiences, fears and hopes. Running a business can be a lonely experience, so merely having the opportunity to speak to like-minded people is massively helpful; but, invariably these shared experiences can offer up solutions that you’d be unlikely to find by bottling up the problem.”

Gordon has been running his own marketing agency since 1986 and has had the privilege of working in most market sectors for organisations throughout the United Kingdom. The initial business provided design and marketing services then, moving with the times, web design, E-commerce, and digital marketing.

Gordon and his team at fatBuzz simplify digital marketing and make it as easy as possible for businesses to adopt a sustainable digital strategy. He advises on content creation, brand journalism, influence marketing, email marketing, customers service, Facebook Advertising and lead generation.  

Gordon has also been a brand owner, with John Letters of Scotland, then the oldest golf club manufacturing business in the world. 

For over 10 years, Gordon delivered New Media Breakfasts which took place monthly in Glasgow & Edinburgh. They were widely respected as the ‘go to’ marketing events for the SME business community and attracted regular monthly audiences of 150+ attendees.  The New Media Breakfasts ceased at the start of the pandemic and fatBuzz now offer a suite of social media training.

Gordon regularly presents marketing topics to audiences from 10 – 500 (much preferring the 500!) and enjoys sharing knowledge about the power of marketing and how to use it effectively in business. His presentations are usually lighthearted and aimed at helping people to understand the options – he doesn’t use technical jargon or acronyms, he prefers to use real life examples and a touch of humour!

“Without the support I have received from fellow WeDO members, especially during the pandemic, I may be in a very different place right now. The willingness of the members to openly share their challenges and to help one another with not only advice but also practical help has been heartwarming. And it’s not only me; daily, I hear how members are helping each other with all manner of support and advice.

Many members have found solutions to seemingly impossible situations. In many cases, these solutions are being offered by members operating in totally unrelated industries, but they have recalled and shared an experience that is relevant to the problem in hand. This willingness to help each other is driven, not by any potential financial gain, but by a genuine desire for everyone to succeed.”

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