Scottish entrepreneurship is dynamic, exciting and inspiring.  WeDO Scotland is the country’s most exclusive leadership organisations for scale-up, transformational entrepreneurs and leaders of dynamic companies. 

WeDO Scotland is a unique community of like-minded, growth-orientated, success-driven entrepreneurs and business leaders who benefit from powerful and proven entrepreneurial support enabling you to scale your business to maximise growth potential.

We are always happy to hear from potential members who share our values and vision, so please get in touch if you’d like to find out more by completing our Membership Application form

What are the benefits of membership?

Peer to peer learning driven by knowledge sharing, ideas, sharing of experiences, lessons learnt – a unique concept with no egos. 

We’re about the reality of entrepreneurial journeys – the ups, the challenges, the mistakes and how we can become more successful.  We don’t subscribe to the rose-tinted glasses approach to business where everything goes according to plan with few challenges faced along the way!

No selling – for us, what’s important is collaboration and helping one another, not joining to sell to others.  A huge number of our members do business together but only after having built relationships and trust.

Access to our extensive and relevant contacts who are able to support and help to accelerate business growth and scale up.


The WeDO App is the first of its’ kind in the UK. It enables our members to network and communicate with one another outwith our events.  The app enables direct calling and emailing;  each member has their own individual profile page with their contact details, website link and LinkedIn URL.  We have recently added a section for a short biography.

Ongoing support with introductions to investors, like-minded individuals & those with whom we can build relationships and potentially do business with directly or indirectly.

Actively promoting our members businesses via our website by sharing relevant blogs & press releases (subject to approval).

Supporting our members PR and digital marketing activities via our social media platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. 


Active sharing of member news and updates via our blog.

Private members LinkedIn group provides a confidential, trusted forum to gain advice, support and share news.

A range of tangible member benefits exclusive to WeDO.

Access to our FREE member events.

      If you are interested in finding out more, please complete our online Application Form.

      What WeDO Members Say

      “I’ve never experienced a group like it where it’s so supportive and understanding the real nature of being in business, without all the egos which sometimes go with that.  It’s been a great group for me and something I want to be part of for a very long time.”

      Andrew Johnstone – Loft Boarding Scotland

      “I’ve never met anything like the WeDO family, in terms of the power of networking, introducing & sharing of contacts; and really that family community.  We’ve won multiple clients over the last few years just by the friends and the family that we’ve met through WeDO.” 

      Suzie McCafferty – Platinum Wave Franchising

      “Who needs the six degrees of separation when you have WeDO?  9 times out of 10 they can connect you in 1.  The network is a hugely diverse collection of talented, innovative & approachable members who are happy to share their experiences.”

      Pete Higgins – Petaurum Ventures & WeDO Board member

      “The WeDO network provides outstanding support for leaders of growth-oriented businesses.  It provides great opportunities to learn from your peers as well as connect with some Scotland’s most successful entrepreneurs. Make sure you join the most pro-active and unique community in the country.”

      Paul Atkinson – Par Equity & Taranata Group, past WeDO Chairman