Graham Langley

Company: GL Capital, The Puffin,  Fusion Whisky & Boffas Chilli Sauce

Job Title: Chief Executive

Where are you from? Durban, South Africa

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What made you decide to start your own business?

Whilst employed at RBS, I identified a gap in the market for a pro-active, straight talking, no-nonsense corporate finance advisory business serving SME?s in Scotland. I established my previous company Tiger Advisers and my current business GL Capital with a view to delivering such an offering.

What’s been your biggest success in business to date?

Operating in the decimated financial services sector, still being in business after 5 years!

What’s the best business advice you’ve ever been given?

Don’t ever think what might have been – it’s better to have tried and not succeeded than not to have tried at all!

Which entrepreneur inspires you the most?

Andrew Carnegie – his is an inspirational story and his philanthropy is legendary, the legacy he left behind is still enjoyed by millions today.

Which 3 qualities do you think are most important to have as an entrepreneur?

Vision, determination and resilience

What business tool could you not live without?

My database of business contacts.

Why are you an Ambassador for WeDO?

I strongly believe in the power of networks, never more so than in these times of austerity. WeDo is a fantastic forum to meet like-minded people willing to share ideas and opportunities in a totally non-threatening environment.


  • Location: Edinburgh