Liz Hoskin


Company: Positive Qualities Ltd

Job title: Managing Director

Where are you from? Falkirk

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What made you decide to start your own business?

My father died and was one month away from going a world cruise,  so I decided to start my business as a matter of urgency. I wanted to make a difference for my family and for as many people as I could.  I jumped in with two feet and have never regretted my decision and love every minute of what we do and the impact we have on people and companies.

What’s been your biggest success in business to date?

Coming up with our W.O.W System as this positively impacts all areas of a business and leads to a more Positive Proactive Culture. We work predominately in Hospitality, Automotive and Contact Centres, however our W.O.W System works in any industry with one of our best successes coming from a UK wide Construction Company.

 What’s the best business advice you’ve ever been given?

Be persistent as you are not at the top of other people’s  priorities. Believe you can make a difference and keep moving one step at a time. Always look for one positive in every situation as sometimes when one door closes something better is waiting for you.

Which entrepreneur inspires you the most?

I don’t have one entrepreneur that springs to mind I enjoy helping new entrepreneurs get started and help them with connecting them to the people they need.

 Which 3 qualities do you think are most important to have as an entrepreneur?

Determination, Positive Energy, Self-Belief. Keep doing one thing each day to get you closer to your goals as by the end of the year you will be surprised how much you have accomplished.

 What business tool could you not live without?

The Internet as I am forever researching ideas and coming up with new ways of doing things.

Why are you an Ambassador for WeDO? 

I loved the energy from the WeDoOConference as it felt inspiring and after talking with some of the members I felt it was a good fit for me. I’m passionate about people and this feels like the network I’ve been searching for. Being a business owner can be lonely at times and it’s always great to have a network of people you can tap into.