Nick Cohen


Company: pcr and bizanywhere

Job title: Founder and CEO

Where are you from? Glasgow, born and bred

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What made you decide to start your own business?

I started fixing PCs from the bottom of my bed when I was 13. That business grew into what we do today (Managed Services). My passion for technology (being a geek!) and always wanting to turn nothing into something is what started my drive. I love running a small nimble company, we adapt quickly to all of the changes in our industry.

What’s been your biggest success in business to date?

Launching bizanywhere in 2015. It was my first chance to create something disruptive in our industry and really stand out from the crowd. We’ve proven the subscription model to be very successful, both for our clients and ourselves.

 What’s the best business advice you’ve ever been given?

Listen to advice but form your own opinion. There are plenty of people telling you what you should do, you need to listen to your instinct and act.

 Which entrepreneur inspires you the most?

This is a really difficult one. I’ve taken inspiration from several entrepreneurs and business leaders over the years. I prefer a local, relatable business story than to someone who has national or global success.

 Which 3 qualities do you think are most important to have as an entrepreneur?

Drive, commitment and hard working.

What business tool could you not live without?

Definitely my Surface Pro, it never leaves my side!

 Why are you an Ambassador for WeDO?

I value my network and always champion to new entrepreneurs the reasons why they should build their own. There is a gap in the Glasgow market for WeDO and look forward to playing my part in getting it off the ground.

  • Location: Glasgow