Looking for good business books to read? Here are two of the best in our opinion

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?Stories are at the centre of our lives. Most people enjoy a good story ? a captivating film, an engrossing TV series, a good gossip perhaps as well as a great read! And, of course we all have our own story to tell!” ?Charlie Jackson

Our member, Charlie Jackson is Managing Director of Change Management International Ltd, an Edinburgh based business that focuses on assisting people in the process of behavioural change. ?Charlie is known for his unique and creative style of coaching both of individuals and business teams across a wide range of blue chip companies. ?His multi-dimensional approach draws on expertise gained in business, higher education, pyschology, sport, music, martial arts, shamanism and other related fields.

In addition to his ‘day job’, he is also an accomplished author and has had 2 books published, both of which are excellent reads and we would definitely recommend that you add them to your reading list.

The first book,?Guardian Angel,?is an approachable, entertaining and thought-provoking exploration of personal and corporate change. Tony Davidson, formerly CEO of Axa Provincial commented:

This is a great read for anyone in business – better than ‘Who Moved My Cheese’ and ‘Fish’. ?It’s packed with solutions to real life and business issues.”

Charlie’s second book is The Corporate Shaman?which continues the story of the main character in Guardian Angel. It charts his continuing extraordinary journey leading him firstly, to question the way in which organisations are managed and, and to explore the means to engage and inspire all stakeholders involved in the business.

“My goal in writing my books was to tell a story that would resonate with the reader ? about their challenges in their lives and their business and, in the process, communicate something of our philosophies and ideas through which we work with our clients.

The central character of the story/stories, a CEO of a financial services company, is given key insights into his life and business from a mysterious woman (who else indeed!) who takes him on a sometimes magical, sometimes painful journey of self-discovery. Through the journey he begins to understand the true challenge of real personal change and how this can generate amazing energy and success at both the individual and business level.?

Both books can be ordered directly from the Change Management website by clicking here? for Guardian Angel and?here?for The Corporate Shaman. ?They can also be ordered on Amazon at the following links:

Click here to buy Guardian Angel in?paperback from Amazon where it is also available for Kindle.

The Corporate Shaman is on Amazon here, also available in paperback or for Kindle.

If you would like to follow Charlie on Twitter, you can do so by clicking here.

Happy reading, we know you’ll enjoy the books as much as we did!