A Unique Partnership between the Scottish Government, Business and Charities Announced

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A unique venture by the Scottish Government, businesses and third-sector organisations to help some of Scotland?s most vulnerable people was announced on Friday, 20 January 2015.

Hosted by WeDO’s nominated charity,?Aberlour, The Lens is a unique partnership specifically designed to create an enterprising culture within?Scottish charities.? Investment from a number of organisations will allow individuals and teams from voluntary organisations to pitch for financial support for projects.

Steve McCreadie, Director of The Lens and Director of Children?s and Families (Business Development) at Aberlour, said:

?I am delighted to announce this partnership with the Scottish Government and organisations within Scotland.? It has been my privilege to create The Lens and it has been specifically designed to foster an internal culture of innovation and creativity within voluntary organisations in Scotland.”

?The third sector is faced with a number of challenges that threaten its ability to provide sustainable care for those who need it.? The Lens is an opportunity for people to see these problems from a different perspective, and turn challenges into opportunities.? The projects pitched within The Lens will give children, young people and families the support they desperately need.?

SallyAnn Kelly, CEO at Aberlour said:

?I am thrilled to see The Lens being launched. Steve McCreadie has supported a more innovative and entrepreneurial culture within Aberlour.? The Lens will bring similar benefits to others in third sector and Aberlour is very pleased to be supporting it.? ?

People interested in taking part in The Lens project should contact Steve McCreadie at The Lens via www.vimeo.com/thelens.

More information about The Lens:

The Lens is a unique partnership between the Scottish Government, businesses and third sector bodies, designed to create an enterprising culture within charities.? Originally piloted by Aberlour Children?s Services in 2014, The Lens provides opportunities for individuals and teams to pitch for investment to projects that will help some of the most vulnerable people in society. The Lens is open to the whole voluntary sector in Scotland thanks to investment by a consortium of funders.



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