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Events Feedback

Glasgow Masterclass – June 2018

“This was my first masterclass and I got a lot from it. I was very impressed with the relaxed format but also the attitude of all those present. WeDO is like a family and I am very happy to be involved.  These events facilitate the sharing of best practice and learning but also create the opportunity for effective networking and relationship building.”

“What I enjoyed most were the very inspirational stories about overcoming adversity and the natural energy of the speaker.  It was great to hear from somebody who’s seen it and done is incredibly inspirational as well as motivational. Well done WeDO!!”

This was my first attendance at masterclass event. I really enjoyed the informal and format with a small group, it meant you could talk with everyone.  I particularly enjoyed hearing the inspirational stories about overcoming adversity and the natural energy of the speaker.”

“A high calibre of event all round – welcoming and inclusive. Lots of events claim to be people-orientated but WeDO Scotland walks that talk from my early experiences!  What I enjoyed most was Barry’s candid and insightful account of his journey to date. Not only was it very valuable but relatable too – the ups and downs of being ambitious and determined at what you do.”

Conference – April 2018

“A really outstanding event, an amazing calibre of speakers and panel members and the workshops were excellent too.  Everyone was so welcoming it was great to meet so many fantastic business owners and leaders.  I’ll definitely be booking again for next year.”

“It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed an event as much as this!  As a new member of WeDO I was actually quite overwhelmed by how friendly and inclusive everyone was.  It’s unique and not something I’ve experienced before, hats off to WeDO for creating such an inspiring environment, you really do have something very special.”

“I attend the Conference every year and can honestly say that it gets better and better year on year.  I don’t know how you manage it but to have the calibre of speakers and workshops is phenomenal.  I particularly enjoyed the panel debate, it was so interesting to hear the views of some of Scotland’s top business minds.  Can’t wait for next year!” 

Edinburgh Supper Club – April 2018 

Excellent food, location and ambiance. Enjoyed meeting some of the other members.

I will certainly attend more of these, nice meal, surroundings and like minded business folk are always ingredients for success. An all round excellent evening with some great follow up opportunities and just great to know a little more about everyone.

An absolutely cracking event. I’ve met some great people and been inspired along the way.

It was very relaxed, food was super and company great.