WeDO goes prancing on the rooftops for Aberlour Child Care Trust

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From left to right: Sarah Heney, Steven Moffat, Tattie Graham, Keith Brown, Christina McKelvie, Belinda Roberts, Ken Pritchard & Jackie Hothersall

As many of you know, 7 of our members are taking part in Strictly Come Prancing, the flagship fundraising event for our nominated charity, Aberlour Child Care Trust on the 15th of September at the newly refurbished Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh. The event is being produced by another of our members, Peter Ferguson of PDF productions who came up with the Strictly Come Prancing concept and has now organised several throughout Scotland.

This morning, despite the pouring rain which would have been more suitable for ducks, 4 out of the 7, namely our Founder Belinda Roberts, Ken Pritchard of Pritchard Property Consultants & Ryvoan Lodge, Cairngorms, Steven Moffat of Huan Group & Shhh… and Tattie Graham of Tattie Rose Flowers braved the elements to venture on to the roof terrace of Princes Street Suites for the official press launch of the event.

Photographers from the Evening News, the Scotsman, the Herald and Scotpix braved the weather to take photos along with Aberlour’s photographer, David Anderson of DN Anderson Photography. They joined two of Scotland?s foremost MSPs Keith Brown and Christina McKelvie, Jackie Hothersall of Aberlour and Sarah Heney of the MGA Academy of Performing Arts, to dance on the rooftop of the Princes Street Suites.

Much to their relief, umbrellas were provided which was just as well since the heaviest rain of the day seemed to be just when the photo call was taking place. Looking as if they were doing an impression from Singin’ in the Rain, everyone duly climbed on to their allocated tables and smiled obediently whilst striking up their best dance poses. Thankfully, despite the rain, there was no wind which could have turned the event into a scene from Mary Poppins!

The launch follows the highly successful viral campaign which Aberlour has been running on Facebook and Twitter using the #Prancing hashtag. The viral images, featuring Belinda and Ken can be downloaded here.

Strictly Come Prancing is a take-off of the popular TV dance show, featuring local and well-known couples who have given up their time for three months, to undertake dance training, kindly donated by the MGA Academy of Performing Arts.

Then, on the night, they battle it out on the dance floor in front of an audience who will be wined and dined, in style. Tickets for the event cost ?50 and include a drinks reception, three course meal, live entertainment show and a disco and are available by emailing [email protected]

Karen McMurrich, Director of Marketing, Fundraising and External Affairs for Aberlour said, ?Strictly Come Prancing is a novel and important fundraising event for Aberlour, and we?re grateful for the support which we have received from Microsoft, the MGA Academy and Princes Street Suites. Fundraising events are vital to us as they enable Aberlour to continue to fund our work with children, young people and their families.?

Jackie Hothersall, Aberlour?s Director of Children and Families Services, and who appears in the photograph above said, ?The support which we?ve received for our work is overwhelming, and great news for the Aberlour Family Outreach Service in Edinburgh. We work closely with children and families affected by parental drug and alcohol misuse, and events such as Strictly Come Prancing, allow us to continue working with those affected by these issues.?

The MGA Academy of Performing Arts have kindly provided the participants with free dance instruction in the run up to the event. Sarah Heney of The MGA Academy said, “How could we resist such a fabulous idea in aid of such a worthy cause. As a Scottish company working for the empowerment and development of young people across the UK, The MGA Academy of Performing Arts are thrilled to be working in support of this event. May the fun and fundraising commence!”

Strictly Come Prancing is taking place in association with Microsoft, The MGA Academy of Performing Arts and Princes Street Suites.

Dance training starts tomorrow for the participating WeDO members who also include Chris Davidson of Webit Technologies, Winner of our Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2011, Allan Fearnley of Wildhorses & Enthumo and Susie Lacroix of Fexco. They are also being joined by Megan Bennington who works for our partners Tigerlily, part of the Montpelier Group.

We’ll keep you updated with their progress via future blogs, knowing the characters involved, the lessons are bound to be highly entertaining!

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