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WeDO members embark on their first training session for Strictly Come Prancing

Published by Belinda Roberts MBE on

Lambs to the slaughter ...

Last night was the first night of dance training for our members who are taking part in Strictly Come Prancing on the 15th of September in aid of our nominated charity Aberlour Child Care Trust and oh what a night it was! ?Our members Ken Pritchard of Pritchard Property Consultants & Ryvoan Lodge, Chris Davidson of Webit Technologies, Winner of our Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2011, Tattie Graham of Tattie Rose Flowers, Allan Fearnley of Wildhorses & Enthumo, Steven Moffat of Shhh … & Huan Group, Susie Lacroix of Fexco?and our Founder Belinda Roberts?are amongst the 12 couples who are competing.

It was with more than a little trepidation that our entrepreneurs donned their ‘dance’ gear to head along to the MGA Academy of Performing Arts in Edinburgh. ?MGA are one of the sponsors of the event and are kindly (madly?) training all 12 couples who are taking part at no cost.

Usually a confident bunch, there were sharp intakes of breath and much hilarity as we listened to our member Peter Ferguson of pdf Productions, the organiser of the Strictly Come Prancing events throughout Scotland, explained more about the event and what the programme would be on the night.

It was a surprise to some of us that we wouldn’t actually be at our own tables for the dinner but would be hidden away back-stage in our costumes before being ‘unleashed’ on the public. ?One fairly major concern was if we would be fed, an essential element of any entrepreneur’s life! ?We were also pleased to hear that we would be able to have a few drinks after we’ve danced.

Having met our dance teacher, Lindsay, ?we headed up to the dance studio to commence proceedings. ?Having got over the initial shock of being faced with a wall of mirrors, she soon took control of the unruly bunch and went straight into teaching us how to do the Cha Cha. ?It would have to be said that some of us were better than others … there were a few left feet and a considerable amount of poetic licence by some who shall remain nameless!

Having mastered (or in some cases not!) the Cha Cha, it was on to the Jive which seemed a bit easier until the music came on and it had to be increased in speed by a multiple of approximately 12. ?Next up was the Salsa, easier we were told and it was somewhat although once again when the music came on, things went a little awry! ?We were relieved to be told that we can choose our own dances and music and even incorporate some of our own moves into the dances we will do on the night rather than having to follow the ‘official’ steps for some dances. ?Creativity is, after all, a vital trait for entrepreneurs!

All in all however, a great night was had by all and we’re all delighted to be fundraising on behalf of such a fantastic charity. ?We’ll blog again about next week’s escapades at our second lesson, which we’re sure will involve just as much hilarity as this evening!

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