Become A Better Networker

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WeDO Scotland Founder, Belinda Roberts had a book published by Elliott & Thompson in October 2015 entitled ‘21st Century Networking‘ which she co-wrote with David Sole OBE.  The book is a comprehensive, practical handbook designed to introduce you to the world of networking, from building up your contacts list to attending events.  It shows you how to take a pragmatic approach to networking and includes chapters on assessing your networks, developing your personal brand, the softer skills of networking, using social media and making networking part of your everyday life.  21st Century Networking provides all you need to take charge of your network and is filled with case studies to bring the theory to life through real examples.

Combined with the free BizPrompt networking app which helps you to manage your connections efficiently and effortlessly, you will have everything you need to become the consummate networker. The app is a simple and straightforward reminder system for you.  All of the key principles of networking apply. You decide your top 150 network and you prioritise each contact as priority 1, 2 or 3. You then load up your contacts into the app and allow it to do all the hard work, reminding you when to contact each of the people in your network. Priority 1 will be monthly reminders, priority 2 once a quarter and you will be prompted to connect with your priority 3 contacts twice a year.  Click on the logo below to download the BizPrompt app.


Here are highlights from the Edinburgh launch of 21st Century Networking which took place in the Princes Street branch of Waterstones.

Filming, editing & production by WeDO members Beaten Track TV.