Congratulations to our member Nick Cohen of PCR Business who carried the baton in the Commonwealth Queens Baton Relay in Glasgow

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One of our newest members, Nick Cohen, founder of PCR Business an IT and communications based in Glasgow, last week had the honour of being one of the baton carriers when the baton arrived in Glasgow in time for the start of the Commonwealth Games.

Nick commented “I was very proud yesterday to be part of the Commonwealth Queens Baton relay. Albeit only about 300m that I covered, the pressure was on to keep moving / keep smiling / keep the baton aloft and keep upright! I was so pleased to see many friends and family who came out to support me and then the day was rounded off with a party in Queens Park for so many of the Baton Bearers from all across the country.”

Just as businesses hire an accountant to manage their books, all businesses need a professional to look after their IT and comms and this is where PCR can help. ? Nick and his team seamlessly fit in with clients teams offering bespoke support, maintenance and strategy solutions, whether they?re on-premise, cloud or a hybrid of the two. ?They will advise, monitor, protect, fix, plan, install, upgrade, backup and avert disaster. ?That, coupled with his baton carrying skills sounds like a pretty good combination to us!

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